The New MicroPerimeter™ Security Release is HERE!

We are extremely excited to announce the most recent release of the Cloudentity MicroPerimeter™ Security. Our team has been refining the tools, making them easier to install, easier to use, and easier to manage while adding more granular record-level and consent-based security.

But what does that all really mean? It means it’s never been easier to secure your services. Whether they are traditional full-stack servers, more nimble microservices, or cloud-native microservices, we have a MicroPerimeter™ Security tool for you. (And if you’re confused about the word MicroPerimeter™, check out our recent blog “What Is a MicroPerimeter™?”)

Let’s take a look at some of the newer, cooler bits that you can try out in this release.

MicroPerimeter™ Edge Standalone Super-Fast Deploy

Edge is a powerful enforcement tool that is small enough to deploy in front of each and every service. Now it’s even easier to stand it up using Docker Compose — you can integrate command line tools to pull configuration from your version control repos, or you can use the UI to create your initial configuration or explore the security policies and view analytics.

MicroPerimeter™ Sidecar for Kubernetes Deploy Tools

The latest release makes it easier to deploy the Sidecar for Kubernetes to create a true Zero Trust network for Docker containers. With configuration through helm, it’s easy to stand up a Kubernetes pod, add the sidecar, and immediately see your containers in the dashboard, which allows you to watch traffic, add security polices (just like the ones in Edge), and access a complete “chain of evidence” showing a transaction going from service to service.

User Identity Integration Made Easy

Connecting to the Cloudentity IDaaS is a snap with the new release. Either using pre-configured services or integrating configuration with your favorite configuration management tool, you can now easily verify basic OAuth attributes, connect to the IDP and verify extended user attributes, set up custom permissions, and basically manage a fully featured, fine-grained security experience.

Consent-Based Permission Service

The Permission Service provides one of the most granular sets of access rules available. By creating a user managed set of rules for who gets to see personal information, this service makes GDPR and California Consumer Privacy Act compliance not only attainable, but easy and woven directly into your security plane.

Want to learn more?

The easiest way to see MicroPerimeter™ Security in action is to use it. Log into our docs and download the installer for MicroPerimeter™ Edge Standalone (a quick docker-compose installer) and MicroPerimeter™ Sidecar for Kubernetes. Sign up today to get access!