Identity and Authorization At Cloud Scale

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The future has a lot to answer for.

For decades we’ve been promised super-cool inventions that we still haven’t received - flying cars, jetpacks and IAM platforms that provide security, scale and manageability- all with wrapped up with 21st century automation.

George Jetson’s job had two settings ("Start" & "Stop") and the computer did the rest.

We wish our development process could be a bit more like this: press the "Start" button, sit back, and a super computer does the requirements gathering, writes code, performs security testing, and deploys it to the multi-cloud all while directing customers to a platform to collect their consent and eventually, closes the sale…

While we as technologists hit the "Stop" button and head to our home in the hover-car, 8 hours early.

The reality is of course very different. In fact, if you’ve spent any amount of time looking at IAM software, you’ll know your George Jetson experience likely has 3 forced version upgrades, proprietary SDKs and libraries to ensure vendor lock-in and barely scales limited by transactions/sec or giant monoliths masquerading as IDAAS platforms.

The dream persists, however...

How can Identity move as fast as business?

Isn’t there some way of "accelerating" so that applications are automatically provided with identity and authorization context almost as if it was a self-driving hovercar?

Today things change.

Cloudentity set out to change the way businesses, developers and security viewed Identity.

We started by addressing the developer offering decentralized Identity micro services that paired functionality with modern applications and allowed developers to quickly bring Identity to next gen architectures like functions, kubernetes and service meshes. Giving them not just the option to choose the best architecture but also the best protocols supporting REST, gRPC, and GraphQL.

Next we worked with security to offer the richest, most functional visibility when new services are spun up, protection of what data those services are passing and fine-grained authorization to ensure the principle of least privilege and the highest levels of security.

With this SAAS release Cloudentity has addressed the agility, scale and time to market question. Get started in seconds, automatically discover cloud services, seamlessly onboard existing identity sources, use authorization to provide the highest levels of customer privacy and engagement all while leveraging the benefits of NO USER LIMIT, data lineage and authorization as a service.

But don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself

Let’s talk.

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