Cloudentity Wins Cybersecurity Excellence Award in API Security

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We’re excited to share that Cloudentity has been named a Silver Winner in the API Security category for the 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards! The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards honor individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. With over 700 entries this year, we’re honored to be selected as a winner.

Specifically, this award recognizes our intelligent identity and authorization platform. Our platform makes it easier to deliver cloud-native applications and safer to extend your data to the customers, partners, and services that drive businesses. Our goal is to give application and security teams a better way to automate and control how information is shared over APIs. We can do this by decoupling identity and authorization from applications and APIs to enable fine-grained access control and declarative authorization policy as code.

Now you have a simpler, more integrated, cloud-native approach over traditional identity and access management (IAM) methods to enforce security policies across all APIs. Cloudentity centralizes management and analytics in a way that orchestrates multiple authentication, authorization and privacy components in one, rather than having to use different solutions for each step.

Our customers love that fact that Cloudentity’s platform is deployable in minutes, empowering businesses to deliver Open Banking, Embedded Finance, Open Data, and other online services without changing identity providers or application code. You can deploy our solution across any cloud to simplify access control and visibility.

Our intelligent identity and authorization solution enables developers to centralize, manage and provision fine-grained policy as code; simply and effectively orchestrate app, service, API and user on-boarding; gain privacy consent control; and achieve continuous transaction-level enforcement at hyperscale with full data lineage – assuring Zero Trust access and data protection at real-world, high-volume rates.

As a result, enterprise customers have increased development velocity and service agility while mitigating application and API access, security and compliance risks. Organizations can also accelerate digital transformation business opportunities that require crucial data protection and privacy consent controls. The other good news is that architects don’t get stuck with legacy architectures and are free to drive innovation and reuse across services. With Cloudentity, organizations don’t need to rip and replace existing technology. Our microservice delivery model and infrastructure-agnostic approach allows customers to seamlessly integrate authorization governance into their existing identity, API, microservice and security management ecosystem.

Our solution offers pre-built connectors that work with popular identity management and intelligent identity provider (IdP) sources, such as those from Okta and Google, and is standards-based, supporting protocols such as OAuth 2.1, FAPI R/W, OIDC and SAML2. Since Cloudentity separates authentication sources from app authorization, identity providers can be readily switched or aggregated for added flexibility.

We pride ourselves in helping to better deliver and secure the world’s next-generation applications, APIs and data. Be sure to contact Cloudentity to schedule a demo of our award-winning platform today.    

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