Cloudentity Named Winner in the Globee Awards 18th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

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Cloudentity Named Winner in the Globee Awards 18th Annual Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards

We’re excited to share that the Globee Awards have named Cloudentity a winner in the Application Programming Interface (API) Management and Security category in the 18th Annual 2022 Cyber Security Global Excellence Awards.

These prestigious global awards recognize cyber security and information technology vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies. We’re pleased that all our groundbreaking work in intelligent authorization is paying off.

We’re at the forefront of an API-driven economy when you think about it. Behind the scenes, APIs have become the fabric of modern service delivery and their exposure of logic and sensitive data have made them a high-value target for threat actors. In most organizations, developers hard-code authorization rules into each application and through APIs that connect apps and services internally and externally.

Conventional authorization management is inefficient, costly, prone to human error, policy drift and blind spots. It’s difficult to track, audit and resolve issues. This prolongs security verification and delays releases. Even worse, current approaches do not uniformly control user and entity data privacy down to the transaction level to satisfy B2B/2C, Open Data and regulatory requirements. This exposes businesses to attack, data leakage, and compliance threats.

That’s where Cloudentity comes in. Our Intelligent Authorization Fabric overcomes these challenges by decoupling identity and authorization from applications and APIs and enabling declarative authorization policy as code. This provides a simpler, more integrated cloud-native approach over traditional identity and access management (IAM) methods. By centralizing management and analytics in a way that orchestrates multiple authentications, authorization and privacy components are in one platform, eliminating the need to use different solutions for each step in the process. Our fabric is deployable in seconds, empowering businesses to deliver Open Banking, Embedded Finance and other innovative online services without changing identity providers or application code. Cloudentity delivers a declarative authorization and identity framework that works across any cloud to simplify access control and visibility.

We pride ourselves in helping to better deliver and secure the world’s next-generation applications, APIs and data. Be sure to contact Cloudentity to schedule a demo of our award-winning platform today.

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