See you at Open Banking World Congress 2022

Adoption of Open Banking standards and practices has seen worldwide growth over the last year, with implementation of Open Banking Brazil regulations a key example. Cloudentity is powering authorization and consent for 40% of Brazilian banks that are Open Banking certified in the country, and we're active in the UK, EU, Australian and APAC regions with Open Banking initiatives as well. Suffice it to say, we're pretty committed to the global nature - and advantages - of Open Banking, so we're thrilled to attend this year's Open Banking World Congress in Marbella, Spain!

Not only are we active worldwide - in markets that have existing Open Banking regulations (Brazil, UK), emerging standards (Canada, Israel) or are market driven (US) - we are also a globally produced platform, proudly built in the US and the EU. Our platform fully supports privacy regulations worldwide, and consent management is a core part of our Open Banking solution.

At the Open Banking World Congress later this month, we're excited to share more about our straightforward 5-step process to becoming Open Banking compliant using Cloudentity:

  1. Sync your login provider with our platform
  2. Add your data APIs
  3. Apply pre-certified Open Banking security policies
  4. Add fine-grained consent
  5. You're compliant! Now monitor, manage and share your APIs

We're looking forward to seeing our partners and others at the conference (and check out our partners Axway and OBIC during the virtual conference as well!). If you will be attending, we'd love to meet up with you to chat about anything and everything Open Banking!

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