Cloudentity now fully supports API Access Control for Kusk Gateway!

At Cloudentity, we take pride in enabling an end-to-end authorization journey for our clients, including using our Authorizers with the most popular API gateways. We've been working extensively with Kubeshop to bring out-of-the-box integration for its Kusk Gateway to our platform, and we're thrilled to announce that Kusk Gateway is fully integrated into Cloudentity, with a dedicated Authorizer now available to all subscribers (including those using free SaaS tenants)!

Kusk is a self-service API gateway for Kubernetes built on OpenAPI and Envoy Proxy, which allows developers to mock up, validate and control endpoints via automated deployment. With Kusk, you can take advantage of a game-changing standard-based declarative configuration to define and protect your APIs. With these capabilities, the security of your APIs can easily integrate into your CI/CD pipeline. With the recently updated Kusk dashboard, you can monitor the state of your environment with ease. Kubeshop offers enterprise-level support for its open-source project if you need additional assistance.

When enabled, all services protected by your Kusk Authorizer instance are automatically discovered and added to the Cloudentity service list when the Kusk authorizer is connected to Cloudentity.

We're thrilled to continue supporting open-source initiatives with this integration. To learn more about Kusk Gateway Authorizer, check out our in-depth tutorial!

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