Cloudentity adds Brazil Open Insurance (OPIN) to its list of certified OIDF FAPI profiles

Featured image for Cloudentity adds Brazil Open Insurance (OPIN) to its list of certified OIDF FAPI profiles


Brazil has fast-tracked innovation in the insurance industry by operationalizing and standardizing the sharing of consumer data and services that are authorized/accredited by the SUSEP governing body in a safe, secure, and privacy compliant manner. To further support the Brazilian market, and to drive rapid adoption of the Open Insurance specification, Cloudentity has recently successfully submitted the OIDF Brazil Open Insurance (OPIN) conformance certification, and results are now officially available on the OIDF website. While we have already been powering Open Banking implementations throughout Brazil since 2021, this new certification expands our offering in the world's ninth largest economy. In fact, Brazilian insurance market leader Allianz Seguros S.A. is already using Cloudentity's offerings to jumpstart its OPIN implementation.

OIDF has added certification for the Brazil Open Insurance conformance profile of the OpenID connect protocol (based on FAPI 1 Advanced Final) to its list of other FAPI implementation conformance profiles. The OIDF conformance certifications are used by organizations when searching for a solution that provides a specific conformance profile of the OpenID Connect protocol. An OIDF certification provides assurance that their eventual deployment will conform to the profile.

Cloudentity currently supports multiple Open Banking standards worldwide, and we are constantly updating our security and consent profiles as each standard evolves. Learn more about how our we support Open Finance initiatives in Brazil and globally.

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