API Security

Development teams are embracing APIs as they look to rapidly deploy new and innovation applications. But without proper oversight and authorization, APIs can leave applications vulnerable to attacks. Remove the burden of security from your development by centralizing policy administration and decentralizing enforcement allowing them to deploy safe and secure APIs.

Centralized Policy Creation

Without a centralized approach to policy management, developers are deploying APIs with varying levels of access and authentication. This leads to lack of oversight and can leave applications exposed.

Cloudentity’s Authorization Control Plane includes a simple drag-and-drop interface allowing you to centrally manage all API policies and relieving the security burden from your developers so they can continue to innovate at speed.

Identity Security for your API Gateway

API security requires more than just policy enforcement and management. Unfortunately, most API Gateways tend to fall short in providing key features like identity, inspection, and auditing, requiring additional tools to support good governance practices.

Cloudentity’s Authorization Control Plane can easily integrate alongside your existing API Gateway providing additional layer of identity security including inspection of OIDC JWT tokens at the service, eliminating the need for multiple calls to keystores and databases and significantly reducing latency.

With support for AWS Cognito and Microsoft Azure—and more coming soon—you can easily deploy alongside your preferred API Gateway and start securing your APIs today.