Modernize without Compromise

The need to innovate faster is driving IT leaders to modernize their applications in an effort to produce highly scalable, innovative, and reliable customer experiences. Modernizing means migrating from monolithic infrastructure to lightweight, responsive, distributed systems like microservices or miniservices. Breaking down monolithic applications adds speed but can also add complexity to security and governance practices. Cloudentity’s identity security solutions are here to help.

Support for Containers

Containerized applications have allowed teams to rapidly deploy new and innovative applications at scale. Development teams eager to start to experiment with containers and orchestration tools will benefit from Cloudentity’s Sidecar deployment, which deploys as a sidecar within the cluster securing APIs communications between services, protecting M2M communications and E/W traffic, allowing you to futureproof your infrastructure and enable developers to securely deploy containerized applications.

Reduced Latency

The biggest benefit of a modernized application is speed. Operating faster and at scale allows your teams to innovate quickly and often. But traditional API Gateways and security tools require services to make a roundtrip call to the Policy Enforcement Point (PEP) adding latency and impacting the performance of your infrastructure. Cloudentity’s various deployment models allow to enforce policies at the service level—eliminating the need for roundtrip calls and reducing the latency experienced by your services, producing a fast and speedy user experience.

Illustration of Latency

Singularized Identity

Most companies rely on numerous identity providers to supply identity and access management. Singularizing identity from multiple providers through Cloudentity’s eases the hassle of modernizing legacy applications that rely on several IdPs for identity, reducing the complexity of your modernization efforts. Since Cloudentity’s identity security tools are API-native, they can easily sit alongside any of the legacy identity providers.