Modern Applications Require Modern Authorization

Distributed data and services, hybrid-cloud computing, containers—all the new building blocks of today’s mobile and web applications. Application modernization introduces new entities to your application infrastructure, all communicating and connected via APIs. Keep them protected by extending identity and adding continuous authorization with Cloudentity.

In many cases, to rip and replace whole systems is too costly, too risky, too time-consuming and comes with a significant impact on the organization. Is your organization willing and able to accept that?

Gartner Research

Application Modernization Should Be Business-Centric, Continuous and Multiplatform (2019)

Augment and Enhance Your IdP

Legacy identity providers aren’t built to support modern applications. Solutions that were built 20 years ago fail to adapt to the agile age of DevOps and the new risks introduced by unsecured PaaS, Serverless, and Hybrid-Cloud environments.

Now identity vendors are encouraging costly upgrades and asking customers to rip & replace their existing solutions in an effort to modernize identity. Driving up costs at a time when IT teams are asked to do more with less. 

Instead of rip and replaceaugment and enhance your identity management with the Cloudentity platform.

Support for Privacy

and Consent

Enterprise teams have grown accustomed to working with multiple identity providers (IDPs) over the years. But as new functionality and requirements emerge, legacy tooling falls short adapting to new standards and business requirements. Cloudentity’s identity platform allows you to seamlessly add policy support for changing privacy and consent standards, user management, and fine-grained authorization to your existing IDPs without replacing them.

Reduce Cost and Simplify Delegated Administration

Managing API policies across various workspaces and environments can be challenging and costly. Legacy identity providers require additional instances of their platforms to be deployed, requiring costly infrastructure to maintain multiple workspaces. Cloudentity’s platform provides delegated adminstration and multi-tenant support out of the box, allowing you to create and enforce unique API policies across partners, consumers, and third parties, without incurring additional cloud costs or complexities.

Standardize Identity for Developers. Accelerate Innovation.

IT and Developers are increasingly looking for ways to increase velocity and speed to market. Working with various IDPs can slow down development teams creating customer-facing experiences as it requires them to work with multiple user pools, often in separate environments entirely. Cloudentity’s Identity Hub connects to multiple identity providers, linking identity profiles and user pools while creating a single identity API that developers can use to access and work with customer data simplifying identity management for developers and accelerating their innovation.