We Make Smart Authorization Easy

Cloudentity delivers fine-grain, intelligent authorization with industry leading performance, in a cloud-first platform that is easily automated. The Cloudentity solution is available as a SaaS or deployed anywhere you need it....

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The Growing API Access and Data Security Problem

APIs are the fabric of data exchange for modern applications between services, customers and partners. APIs unlock new applications, business models and extend your business reach. But managing and protecting the growing landscape of critical data is getting harder every day due to:

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More Services

The explosive growth of APIs, services, & data types

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Growing Number of Data Consumers

The expanding array of data customers, partners and machines

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Expanding Regulation and Privacy

Increasing regulation and data privacy requirements

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Distributed Attack Surface

Bad actors looking to attack or steal data across a growing and distributed attack surface

The Cloudentity Approach

Cloudentity provides a unified solution to control data access across your entire modern application journey, from integrating identity data to ensuring that every API call is authenticated, authorized and governed. We take the headache out of authorization, enabling cloud-native applications and a zero trust access model to better protect data.

AuthenticationIntegrate Identity and User ContextAccess ControlAbstract Authorization for ApplicationsAbstract IdentityGet portability and automate identitydata for cloud-scale applicationsSimplify PolicyConsumer IdentityCustomers, Partners, Machines, and Developers that access dataAPI /Services IdentityVerifiying the authenticity of each service endpointData ControlRich Authorization Context and ConsentExtend controlFine grain control and consent to deliverthe right information for each request andconditionAdaptive EnforcementSmart Policies and GovernanceDynamic AccessSet Intelligent Policies, Authorize & Auditevery transactionIdentityAuthorizationZero TrustCentralize, orchestrate and audit policyexecution across distributedApps and APIs

Smarter Decisions

Fine Grain Security

Partner Identity, Dynamic Authorization and User Consent

Cloudentity goes beyond simplistic RBAC and PBAC controls, to provide sophisticated policy support required for today’s API first and open data economy. Authorize the right data for each partner and give your users control of what information they are willing to share with integrated user consent management.


Transactional Intelligence

Protect and target your data

Cloudentity orchestrates the collection of contextual information and provides an intelligent engine that enables rich, real-time decisions for each transaction. Easily integrate and enrich contextual data from external sources. The Cloudentity platform nets all this out into a “Smart Token” that can be used to distribute decisions to any Policy Enforcement Point (PEP).


Faster Time-To-Market

Build Better

Spend less time and money integrating a cumbersome array of identity data and hardcoding policies into your application. Centralize authorization without sacrificing performance and drive agility and reuse through Policy-as-Code approach.


With Industry Leading Performance

Cloudentity was built from the ground up for modern applications to scale with your business and application needs. We deliver the fastest FAPI compliant OAuth2 server/service on the market, providing up to 100x the token minting performance of other systems and providing the scale to authorize each transaction.


At Cloud Speed

Cloudentity maintains the speed of your application, delivering low latency authorization at your point of service. Centrally define policies and automatically distribute policy decisions and enforcement to your service & application edge. Scale out new workspaces for each team and application. Get a new environment, control, and governance domain at the push of a button.


Automated API Security

Auto-Scale Workload Identity

Cloudentity orchestrates the assignment of service & machine identities, making it easy to discover and assign policy for dynamic cloud workloads. From servers to containers and functions, we automate workload discovery and identity to provide strong authentication for each service, removing the burden and risk of managing keys. Simply scale out your endpoints and we have the security side covered.


Policy-As-Code & DevSecOps

Cloudentity enables both developers and security teams to specify permissions and policies in an easy to manage, declarative way. All policies can be created and manipulated using our natural language graphical editor or defined and managed in code.

Our approach enables a simple integration into your existing pipelines, empowering your business to shift-left and allowing developers to control how their applications leverage Cloudentity’s authorization capabilities. Since all Cloudentity integrations and configurations can be represented as code, adopting a GitOps deployment approach allows you to manage policies via a CI/CD pipeline.


Flexible Deployment

For A Multi-Cloud World

Cloudentity is available as a SaaS or private cloud deployment, and works with your existing identity provider, infrastructure, and applications. Wherever your application is deployed, we make it easy to automate your access policies and improve your security and governance.

Any IdP - Normalize and scope what data is passed across any number of identity providers. Easily switch, aggregate, and pass identity information without changing your application or policy layer.

Any App - Support both legacy and modern applications from micro-services and Kubernetes to cloud functions

Any Edge – From gateway to application edges, Cloudentity provides a distributed policy enforcement point.

Any Cloud – Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployments are all supported.