Authorization as a Service

Deliver applications faster and protect your data with automate authorization management and policy governance.

Hardcoding Authorization Policies Puts Your Business Agility and Security At Risk

Authorization rules are typically hardcoded by engineers for each application, creating a limited and diverse set of controls that are prone to human error, policy inconsistency and operational / security blind spots. This approach to policy management cannot scale in the modern application & API first world.

Today organizations face:

Multi-cloud Environments and Workloads that require teams to deal with a broad array of cumbersome identity, security, configuration and compliance requirements.

Rapidly Increasing Number of APIs and service connections that drive up the cost, complexity and number of endpoints that must be controlled.

Increasing Development Complexity as each application team builds their own authorization frameworks

Disparate Policies and Security Cost that make it difficult to enforce standard controls and ever harder to audit your APIs and data that has been shared to prove governance.

API Security Gaps that leave the business open and at risk of cyberattacks that exploit web, app and access exposures. 7 of the top to OWASP vulnerabilities are API Access related.

Legacy coarse grain authorization models that don’t support today’s API economy and emerging user consent and data privacy controls.

Cloudentity Modern Application Authorization Platform

Cloudentity decouples authentication from authorization allowing you to seamlessly centralize and control authorization and automate policy management across any environment. Whether you need to provide basic access without modifying your systems or carefully control and govern API data, we have you covered.

Our solution orchestrates modern application authorization through a declarative platform that delivers fine-grained policy-as-code with dynamic, high-performance enforcement for every transaction and API object.

Authorization As a Service - Innovate and free your team from costly rework and integrations

Fine Grain Control - Unlock powerful API and data controls with smart authorization.

Centralize and Scale with Policy as Code - Improve security and operate safer with declarative policy management, centralized policy governance and auditing.


Aggregate and Map Customer IdP Data (ACP)

Retain customer context and enrich authorization data to make smarter customer decisions.

Map a variety of sources, aggregate data from multiple IdPs into a single data set, or make it easy to transition from one provider to another.



Auto-Discover Applications and APIs

Discover auto-scale workloads across modern cloud infrastructure

Automate workload identities for any new service or API endpoint

Catalogue and classify new internal or external APIs



Define and Manage Policies

Get smart authorization decisions for any API transaction

Easy policy authoring in multiple languages (Cloudentity policy language, graphical editor, JSON, Yaml, Rego or more)

Automate policies into your existing workflow & CI/CD pipelines

Define, control changes and push policy updates from GIT



Automatically Attach Policies to Any Workload

Auto-assignment of a base policy to provide zero day protection for new APIs

Integrate and orchestrate policy assignment to new workloads based on DevOps pipeline.



Locally Enforce Policy At Your Service Edge

Control of every service call - Externally (North / South) or between Services (East /West)

Deployed policy decision point seamlessly into your existing API gateway or Service Mesh to provide low latency authz decisions for every transaction.



Centralize Reporting and Auditing

Track authorization decisions across each workspace

Centralize monitoring, auditing and troubleshooting

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