Dynamic Plans for Dynamic Organizations

Volume-based discounts. The more you use, the less you pay per authorization

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Connected API Gateways

Identity Providers



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SaaS or Customer Deployed


Key Capabilities

Consumer and Partner Identity and Access

  • External Identity Providers Integration
  • Templates for Popular Identity Providers
  • Built-in Identity Pools as Identity Providers
  • User Authentication and Registration Orchestration
  • SSO
  • MFA/2FA
  • Federation (SAML and OpenID)
  • Dynamic Identity Claims Mapping Between IDP and Applications
  • Application Management
  • Access Control
  • WYSIWYG Authorization Layer Builder for Application Topologies
  • User Consent and Consent Management
  • Consent Receipts/Consent Ledger
  • Broad IAM Open Standards Support
  • Robust Administrator and IAM Engineer Experience
  • Automation Readiness
  • Authorization Governance for APIs and Data
  • Data Governance for Identities, Applications, Services and APIs
  • Fraud detection
  • Rich IAM APIs set

Country-Specific Open Finance Solutions

  • Security and Consent Profiles
  • Consent APIs and Consent Management
  • Fintech App Registration and Management

Identity and Authorization Services

  • Advanced OAuth and OpenID Connect Authorization Server
  • FAPI Compliant Authorization Server
  • User Claims and OAuth Scopes Management
  • OAuth Scopes Governance
  • Built-in Policy Engine
  • Contextual Authorization Policies Support
  • Open Standards Support
  • Transactional Authorization Support
  • APIs and Service Awareness
  • Built-in Analytics Dashboards
  • Authorization Policy Engine and Policy Manager
  • Broad Support of Authorization Methods
  • Fine-Grained Authorization for Data Shared over APIs
  • Modern, Open and Standardized Policy Language
  • Policy as Code and Policy Automation
  • WYSIWYG Policy Editor
  • Context Attributes Suggestions During Policy Creation
  • Centralized Policy Management

Modern Authorization and Security for APIs and Data

  • API Discovery
  • APIs as the First Class Citizen
  • Dedicated Policies for APIs
  • Dedicated Polices for Authorization Servers
  • Centralized Policy Management Distributed Decisions
  • Distributed Decisions Points for APIs Gateways
  • Distributed Decisions Points for Microervice Mesh
  • OOTB Gateway Integrations for API Authorization
  • Ligtweight IoT and Edge Computing Ready Authorizers
  • Microservices Discovery
  • OpenAPIs Definitions Import
  • API Authorization Governance
  • GraphQL APIs support
  • OOTB API Security Software Integration
  • Developer Portals

Identity Management

  • User Registration and Authentication
  • User Self Service
  • Delegated Administration
  • Password Policies
  • Attribute Schemes
  • Custom Identity Attributes

Hyper-Scale and Multi-Everything

  • Hyper-Scale OAuth Authorization Service
  • Hyper-Scale Distributed API Authorization
  • Hyper-Scale Distributed Identity Store
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Multi-Workspace
  • Multi-Authorization Server
  • Multi-Identity Pool
  • Multi-Region SaaS

Extensibility and Branding

  • In-Product Scripting
  • Branding via Themes
  • Notifications with webhooks