Integrations with AWS Cognito

Leverage the scalability of AWS Cognito and empower, enhance, expand, and extend using Cloudentity’s API authorization suite and AWS.

Empower: Continuous Contextual Authorization for APIs


Adopt a risk-based approach to authorizing your APIs, allowing you to step up authorization for high risk transactions (e.g. transfers of a large sum of money) through the use of a drag and drop UI and with policy enforcement through AWS API Gateway. Cloudentity’s Authorization Control Plane also normalizes policy management across your API ecosystem by providing support for various authorization types including:


  • Service 2 Service Communication
  • Coarse Grained Attributes (RBAC)
  • Mid-Grained Attributes (PBAC)
  • Fine-Grained Attributes
  • (Permissions/Consent)
  • Data Object Permissions

Enhance: Deploy Frictionless Customer Journeys with Adaptive Authentication

Utilizing Cloudentity/AWS Cognito integration, you can add additional security to your customer journeys without needing development resources. With a simple, no-code interface, non-development team members like Security or Business Analysts can upgrade security by adding additional authentication steps like MFA along a customer journey without needing developer resources.

Secure External APIs with Delegated Administration


New offerings for B2B2C and B2B organizations require structures beyond simply end-users and privileged-users. Managing across data and user pools can be overwhelming. Cloudentity’s multi-level delegated administration allows you to manage identities, user pools, and OIDC-compliant identity providers reducing the complexity and allowing for greater oversight and governance.

Extend IAM Ecosystem w/ Hybrid-Cloud IAM Normalization

Simplify adding identity context to applications by standardizing identity across multiple identity providers (IdPs). Normalize user records, authentication, authorization, and context allowing your developers to use the same identity and security practices regardless of the environment—reducing the complexity and improving time to market.

AWS Cognito and Cloudentity – Innovate in the Cloud



AWS Cognito + Cloudentity

Traditional CIAM

Deployment Cloud-Native Cloud-Washed
Scalability Billions Millions
Dynamic Customer Journey Drag and Drop – No Coding Required Hard Coded
Protocols Supported SAML, OIDC, OAuth + FAPI & LI OIDC
Adaptive Authentication Transactional Session
Continuous Contextual Authorization Service Edge Gateway
Delegated Administration B2C, B2B2C, B2P2C Single Level (B2C)
Privacy Controls Data Object Level Application Level
Progressive Consent Granular Level N/A