B2B and Partner Authorization
Secure Partner and Supply Chain Engagement 

Partner and supplier networks are an essential part of B2B and B2B2C business models. Whether by using off-the-shelf or building specialized applications, organizations are employing collaboration, sales, intelligence, and supply chain solutions to digitally engage and transact with their partners. This sharing of information between entities are all powered by APIs. Cloudentity enables enterprises to further leverage their partner ecosystem while mitigating unauthorized access, data privacy and compliance risks – down to the API transaction level.


668 entities affected 27,345,181 individuals impacted by third-party supply chain cyberattacks.

Source: 2021 Annual Data Breach Report

Access and Transaction Control Challenges

Companies with B2B and B2B2C models require the means to streamline communications and resource access to third parties, whether by using SaaS applications such as partner portals or modernizing corporate web applications. They are scaling management through self-service and delegated administration features. More advanced approaches are tying together disparate internal and external systems, services, and data to share business intelligence, manage inventories and deliveries, streamline workflows, and expedite customer success. What should organizations look for in an advanced Customer Identity Access Management (CIAM) solution that can ensure partner ecosystem secure access and privacy across apps, services, and APIs?

  • Ability to support a wide range of identity and entitlement sources
  • Simplified delegated administration of third-party organizations
  • Broad authentication support including passwordless and MFA
  • Use of identity standards such as SAML2, OAuth, OIDC, SPIFFE
  • Ease to manage customer privacy content across partners and suppliers
  • Granular authorization policy, enforcement and logging
  • Centralized service and microservice-native transaction level control
  • Scalability through multi-tenancy and multi-tenant application support

Solving B2B and Partner Authorization Challenges

How can you manage partners as organizations, and ensure services share data within business agreement bounds? Cloudentity extends identity-based authentication and access with fine-grained, contextual authorization, privacy consent, and transaction enforcement between parties, applications, services and down to the API object level.

Streamlined implementation
  • Automate on-boarding apps, users and APIs into the identity ecosystem.
  • Manage multiple IdPs and support popular authentication.
  • Incorporate policy context across multiple sources e.g. IAMs, IdPs, and tokens.
  • Use open standards such as OAuth, OICD, SAML2, SPIFEE, and OPA.
Manage partners at scale
  • Delegated administration allowing partners to manage their user’s and system’s access to corporate apps, APIs and services.
  • Multi-tenancy allowing a single instance to serve multiple business and multi-tenant applications.
  • High-speed transaction control that negates OAuth token examination and re-tokenization latency
Privacy consent and compliance
  • Privacy consent management through built-in workflows.
  • Satisfy broad compliance mandates with pre-defined and extensible policy packs.
  • Dynamically enforce all app and API access / data exchange at the transaction level
App and service data governance
  • Dynamic authorization to ensure what a machine or service can see and what it can share with other APIs.
  • Applies data exchange and consent governance guiderails between service and API data requests to negate or redact unpermitted information for each transaction.
  • Captures data lineage: where data was sourced and how that data attribute moved between internal and external systems.