Compliance with GDPR & CCPA

Empowered by recent privacy legislations, users expect companies to secure their data and protect it from unauthorized use and breach. Cloudentity enables granular control and consent with enforcement at the API transaction level.

What’s in my APIs?

 APIs are increasingly the tool of choice for development teams focused on innovation. These APIs are often the bridge between applications and services, collecting and passing data—often user data. It’s also how partner and third-party applications can access customer data.

But many privacy teams struggle to gain visibility into the APIs used by their development teams. Cloudentity’s provides identity to APIs, services, and things, allowing you to quickly categorize data transmitted over APIs, including:

  • PII data under CCPA
  • PHI data under HIPAA
  • PCI data

Trust through Consent

Consumers have empowered to expect that their data is kept safe and secure. That “trust” can easily be broken and result in both legal fines and reputational harm.

Cloudentity provides a transparent privacy portal where customers can easily manage their privacy settings and preferences. Here they can see what data is collected about them, how it’s shared, and make informed choices that provide your customers with a feeling of trustworthiness in your brand and reputation all while remaining compliant. 

adaptive customer journey

Progressive Consent

The biggest lie on the internet is “I have read the terms and conditions.” An all or nothing approach to data collection provides users feeling robbed of real choice and often leaves you vulnerable to liability, particularly under GDPR.

Progressive Consent is the process of only collecting what is necessary, at the time that it’s needed, and allowing the user to easily manage their preference. This requires an authentication services and CIAM solution that is flexible enough to support adaptive registration.

Cloudentity’s provides the platform, and authorization, to easily deploy progressive consent along your customer journeys and limit your liability and risk.