Privacy-Centric CIAM evaluated at the API

Singularize your Identity Ecosystem is the fastest way to extend your exist IAM platform into the cloud. The Identity Hub and Token Exchange microservices allow seamless integrations with traditional, IDAAS and home-grown Identity platforms.

Validate, Secure and Privacy Protect every transaction

Protect any API at a transactional level, provide data level visibility into intra-service East/West traffic then add in attribute security controls with compliance reporting.

The Cloudentity Difference

At Cloudentity we help Organizations to provide safe and simple access to the connected world. We enable developers to build world-class digital journey’s, adding no-code identity & privacy to the developer experience for the fastest implementations at unparalleled scale. We provide this through our platform; available on-prem or in the multi-cloud(s) with the push of a button .

Customer Experience

Create adaptable no-code customer registration, MFA and Authorization Experiences

Privacy and Security

Implement no compromise security privacy and compliance

Developer Experience

Simplify the Identity and Privacy Experience for your developers with cutting edge features: authorization as code, API-first and 

Simplicity and Scale

Leverage Identity Microservices to deploy only the services required while scaling at the service level


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