Get Started

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Get Started with Cloudentity Access Management

Make the important steps to gain control over your applications, APIs, and data.

1. Launch Your Tenant

Register for free to get access to a Cloudentity tenant and start exploring our platform!

2. Define Application

Create a client application and assign at least one service access scope.

3. Connect Identity Sources

Enable your customers, administrators, partners, and developers to be authenticated using the identity providers of your choice.

You can integrate multiple IDPs per workspace according to the Bring Your Own Identity philosophy, or you may also use Cloudentity Identity Pools to bring your user pool.

Your app is now ready to be used. Try it!

4. Control Access at Any Level

Create a sample 2FA policy and assign it to the scope to restrict access to the service. Once you're done, try accessing it again!

Connect your API Gateway or Service Mesh to enable Cloudentity to fetch your APIs and enforce the policy at API level. You can assign a sample API policy to APIs to check if token includes the scope.

Access to the APIs is now under control.

Authorize data sharing, transactions, object level access, and more. Read our solution guides for more ideas.

5. Develop, Test, Publish, Automate

Your configurations will be stored in a workspace in your tenant. Create a workspace for each project and environment, and push them to production when you're ready (xy-dev, xy-stage).

Updated: Jul 15, 2022