Supporting DevSecOps

When treated as an afterthought, security can slow continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) programs reducing your team’s ability to innovate at speed. Cloudentity’s identity security solutions easily embed security into your existing CI/CD pipeline, allowing your team to deliver value without sacrificing speed or security.

Protected Browser Window

Protect Your Build

Cloudentity’s distributed policy enforcement can be deployed locally which means everyone on your team can install and run the tools to secure their services. The UI is a great way to build complex flows if you’re not already familiar with the policy structure, greatly reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity.

Configuration with Version Control

Because the underlying systems allow for automation, it’s easy to integrate the policy configurations into your version control such as git or as part of a deploy process like Jenkins or Chef. This allows for seamless integration of policies and enforcement as part of your QA and deployment process without requiring extra tools or workarounds.

There is also a robust set of APIs to connect to the policy storage underlying the system which allows you to create detailed processes to push and pull configurations to meet your business requirements.