Digital Identity Plane

Create frictionless user registration journeys, provide passwordless MFA, link disparate accounts and provide user self-service all within a B2C or B2B2C administration structure. Rapidly onboard applications securely with Zero Trust identity security enabled via continuous, contextual authentication and authorization.

Frictionless Customer Journeys

Customer experience is a key differentiator in the digital age. So ensuring that your user journey is frictionless while still maintaining proper security and privacy controls requires an easy way to modify customer journeys. Cloudentity makes this simple, so that non-developers can modify and add security or privacy requirements as new regulations emerge.

  • Create simple, no-code, drag and drop customer journeys with registration trees
  • Rapidly update or use out-of-the-box registration trees designed for ease of use

An adaptive customer journey provides opportunities for gathering consent, ensuring that only the most necessary customer data is collected and only after the user has given consent.


B2B2C Self Service Customer Portals

Distribute multi-level delegated administration to your partners, customers and business. Ensure granular control and choice to customers by allowing users to BYOMFA, link accounts, manage login types, passwords, and devices through self-service portals. Minimize the cost of identity support for forgotten passwords and MFA support by providing customer portals complete with an out-of-the-box end user and flexible UI.

Account Linking

Identities are complex and the siloed approach to development has segmented user experience. Simplify and normalize identities by linking various IDPs, including social providers, to a single source of record, reducing complex and redundant identity data. Leverage OIDC, SAML, LDAP, REST, SQL & NoSQL interfaces to bridge the gap creating a 360 degree view into the customer.

Adaptive Authentication Journey

Reducing risk while minimizing customer friction requires adaptive authentication that is contextually aware. High risk transactions, such as transferring money in a financial application, requires tighter levels of security than low risk actions such as checking account balances.

Drag and drop policy creation and enforcement makes it easy to use for non-development teams including Business and Security Analysts.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Passwords are still the most common method for authenticating users despite being prone to compromise through brute force attacks, social engineering, and other attack methods. Adding multi-factor authentication (MFA) grants customers additional ways to protect their data. Cloudentity’s MFA service allows you to even prompt for MFA based on the type of transaction, allowing you to secure high-risk transactions like transferring money to a new account. Cloudentity’s Authorization Control Plane provides support for various MFA types including:

  • Passwordless
  • Time-based One-Time Passwords (TOTP)
  • One-Time Password (OTP) delivered via email, SMS, or voice
  • Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA)
  • FIDO


Managing multiple identity providers and data sources can be tedious. Cloudentity’s supports integration with existing identity providers (IdPs) to normalize and singularize your identity records into a single source of truth. For customers this means being able to sign in through popular social-logins, providing a more convenient on-boarding experience.

Integrate with multiple identity providers through common standards including SCIM, OIDC/OAuth, and SAML.

Progressive Consent for a Better Customer Experience

Customers expect more control over their personal data and transparency over how it’s used. Providing that control helps build customer trust and loyalty, strengthening relationships and improving the bottom line through an increase in customer lifetime value. Cloudentity’s provides an easy to use, no-code, approach to deploying adaptive customer journeys that prompt the user for consent when needed, allowing you to stay compliant with data privacy laws, build customer trust, and reduce the amount of data you collect to only the bare minimum needed.

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