Secure Your IoT Devices

Connected devices are everywhere, from smart blood pressure cuffs to smart toasters. These devices allow for new and innovative ways to connect with and delight your customers. Securing these devices require identity security that is API-enabled and built to scale.

Connected devices

Enforcement at the Device

High latency impacts customer experience. Any delay in connecting to your applications will result in a poor user experience for end users. But without authentication, governance and security isn’t possible. Cloudentity’s distributed enforcement deploys as close to the device and service as possible, allowing IoT devices to authenticate as quickly as possible providing you visibility into what devices are connecting to your applications without adding latency to your user experience.

Holistic Approach to Authentication

As security threats evolve in sophistication, experts suggest adopting security measures that are continual, adaptive, and contextual in nature. Cloudentity’s identity security solutions supports integration with leading cybersecurity tools to analyze each data point and determine what level of risk they might poise. By making that determination at the authorization level, you can feel confident that devices connecting to applications and databases are continuously vetted and secure, keeping your users, services, and APIs safe.

Holistic approach to auth