Cloudentity Becomes One of the First FAPI 2.0 Certified Vendors


Cloudentity Becomes One of the First FAPI2.0 Certified Vendors, Paving the Way for Secure and Compliant Open Finance Solutions Globally

Seattle, WA May 8, 2023 – Cloudentity, a trailblazer in Open Finance enablement, is proud to announce its achievement as one of the first vendors to receive FAPI 2.0 certification from the OpenID Foundation for the Security Profile, Message Signing Profile, and FAPI 2.0 ConnectID Security Profile. This significant milestone, unveiled at the KuppingerCole European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC) 2023 (OIDF FAPI 2.0 Announcement at EIC), reinforces Cloudentity's commitment to providing secure and compliant Open Finance solutions across various financial sectors.

The OpenID Foundation's certification for FAPI 2.0 Security Profiles, Message Signing Profiles, and FAPI 2.0 ConnectId Security Profile is essential for Open Finance and Open Data enablement worldwide. FAPI, or Financial-grade API, is a set of standards or profiles adopted by numerous jurisdictions championing Open Finance initiatives, encompassing banking and other financial data.

FAPI 2.0 represents a major advancement of previous security profiles, offering a simpler and more secure solution. As it is currently in the implementers' draft state, FAPI 2.0 is on the cusp of becoming the final standard, making it a prime candidate for adoption by all new and existing Open Finance initiatives.

With this certification, Cloudentity demonstrates its dedication to streamlining the compliance journey for data providers and reinforcing trust in the Open Finance landscape. [The certification for all FAPI profiles]( ensures that Cloudentity's clients can rely on its cutting-edge Open Finance enablement platform to navigate the evolving financial ecosystem with confidence.

By being FAPI 2.0 compliant, Cloudentity is poised to empower financial institutions to share data securely and efficiently in Open Finance ecosystems, fostering innovation and collaboration across the financial industry. Cloudentity's solution offers unparalleled speed and user-friendliness, allowing you to [effortlessly set up a FAPI-grade authorization server with just a few clicks](, a convenience unlike any other in the industry.