Integrate modern CIAM user experiences into your business applications in hours, not months


CIAM implementation projects are notorious for taking months or years to complete; this should not be the case for businesses today. In our opinion, CIAM should be a service that is easy to consume and integrate. To facilitate this, a modern CIAM solution must be agile and nimble. It must offer high levels of reliability and availability without operational involvement from the business, and it must support application integrations with modern authentication and authorization approaches.

Cloudentity offers a modern CIAM service that businesses can leverage to integrate a rich CIAM experience into their applications in a matter of hours rather than months. Thanks to standards-based integrations and the plethora of libraries available to support modern programming tools, it's very easy to integrate third party and custom-built apps with our service. While most businesses will benefit directly from the easy self-service configuration model, Cloudentity also offers numerous customization and extension points that make it possible to model the most complex of authentication and authorization scenarios.

What distinguishes Cloudentity from other CIAM vendors? We're different because we offer:

  • Globally distributed public SaaS infrastructure with SOC2 and ISO certifications offering 99.99% uptime SLAs
  • A pricing model is based on the volume of authorization grants issued per month rather than the user-based pricing models used by traditional CIAM vendors. This model allows us to offer the lowest CIAM subscription pricing on the market today, and also ensures customers’ subscriptions won’t increase until their users (whether new or old) drive actual usage (i.e. authorized transactions) of business applications; which means subscription costs only increase as a customer's revenue increases
  • Highly flexible multitude of identity/user/data pools and schemas allowing business to create different user experiences for different populations. Think vendors, partners, distributors, employees, customers etc.
  • Powerful inbuilt self-service theming capability to allow businesses to style and define their user journey and experiences
  • Powerful multi-level delegation and 3rd party data sharing capabilities, think B2B, B2C, B2B2C, private label, white label and other business models that require flexible and secure delegated administration capabilities to reduce support and operations cost across a business ecosystem
  • A built-in Zanzibar inspired permission engine - in case you want to model finer business controls with relationships between identities and their data
  • Overall open standards-based approach allowing business applications to simply plug-in using the wide variety of open standard libraries rather than custom vendor tools and methods

In short, if you are looking for a highly scalable, modern CIAM platform that will get you on your feet in a matter of hours rather than months, look no further. Explore the latest features and capabilities of Cloudentity and compare it with your existing CIAM implementation – you will quickly find the benefits of CIAM as it should be; highly secure, quality user experiences with shockingly low TCO!