Dynamically share data while protecting customer privacy with consent

Securely and safely enable your digital financial market place.

24.7 million people worldwide used Open Banking services in 2020 – forecasted to quintuple by 2024.

Source: Statista

One Platform to Easily Manage and Secure Banking APIs

Supports PSD2, Open Banking, CDR and FDX

Leverage your existing banking investments with seamless integrations to leading API gateways, IDPs and Fraud Detection Systems. Enable your APIs to be Open Banking certified in minutes.



Open Banking Changes the Way Banks Transact in the Digital Economy

APIs, security and privacy govern the way that banks work with customers, partners and between internal business units, bringing an API-first approach to change the way services are developed and delivered.

  • Single View of Customer Financials
  • Wealth Management Platforms
  • Line of Credit Dashboard
  • Finance Management
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Credit Scoring
  • Utility Management
  • Property Management
  • Tax and Estate Planning
  • Aggregation Platforms
  • API Marketplace Delivery
  • Developer Portals
  • Process Management
  • Bespoke Financial Services
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Dynamic Payroll
  • Credit Scoring
  • Integrated Accounting, Audit and Estate Planning
  • Property Management
  • API Access to Account Services
  • Consent Aggregation
  • KYC Management
  • Money Transfer
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Portal to all Bank Services
  • Credit Scoring/Sharing
  • Dynamic Data Sharing Agreements
  • Fine-Grained Authorization
  • Reporting Dashboards
  • Multicloud Adoption
  • Zero Trust at the Edge

Simple Open Banking Solution


Integrate seamlessly with existing IDPs

Cloudentity features one-touch integrations with the leading Identity vendors.

Standardizing the data allows aggregation across IDPs and other data stores to create exceptional customer experiences.

Featured partners include Microsoft, Amazon, Google, FIDO and Entrust.



Connect API Gateways

Cloudentity simplifies the development of APIs by externalizing Open Banking requirement for consent, API security, authorization and reporting. By integrating with your existing API gateways, Cloudentity simplifies discovery of your APIs across all of your hybrid multicloud environments.






Apply Policy Packs

Pre-built Policy Packs drastically accelerate the adoption of Open Banking.

Out-of-the-box Policy Packs quickly ensure existing APIs meet Open Banking requirements. Cloudentity provides Policy Packs for user consent aggregation & management, pairwise identifiers, dynamic client registration, workload and application identity, user identity context and OPA-based authorization to protect the transactions between users, services and data.


FAPI, Open Banking, mTLS, CDR, FDX, Healthcare, NIST


Showcase the Business Value

Cloudentity enables companies to deliver financial products and services that save money, time and hassle for their partners and customers.

Cloudentity takes a holistic approach to API governance by providing a comprehensive view of all APIs and services in one place.

Robust monitoring includes reporting on authentications, authorizations and API access in a real-time dashboard.

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