Open Finance Enablement and Compliance

Financial-Grade OAuth, Consent and Payment Initiation APIs
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The Quickest Path To Open Finance Compliance

Share your data in compliance with open finance standards. Leverage our financial-grade OAuth authorization, consent and payment initiation services, to quickly get into compliance.

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An Open Finance Profile For Your Region

For banks operating where Open Finance laws and standards are in place, our pre-configured profiles allow your organization to meet regional security and consent requirements right out of the box. Banks outside of these regions can also use these profiles to expose open finance APIs to fintechs with use of well-defined and widely used and security and consent profiles.


Consent and Payment Initiation APIs

Every open finance ecosystem requires customer consent request and payment initiation flows. Everywhere these flows employ advanced OAuth and consent and payment initiation APIs. Most importantly, everywhere these precisely defined flows are different and keep evolving.

Cloudentity comes with consent and payment initiation APIs for multiple jurisdiction and was used in multiple certified implementations.

Financial API Security Profile Compliance

Cloudentity's modern platform provides the most advanced OAuth including financial-grade profile (FAPI) that is buiding block of security and consent profiles of nearly all key ecosystems worldwide. Cloudentity has all key FAPI certifications.




Open Finance Sandbox

Cloudentity provides an open source, Open Finance sandbox that kickstarts implementation work quickly for every team in any region

Meet Launch Deadlines, Effortlessly Stay Up to Date

Open Finance is not an "install it and forget it" solution: consent and payment initiation API requirements vary from region to region, and are constantly being updated by regulators and standards workgroups. Our team continuously updates our platform so that you are always in compliance.

We Contribute To Standards

We are proud to be active members and contributors of the key bodies that set standards used in Open Finance. We track the evolution of Open Finance ecosystems around the world to keep our customers compliant at all times.

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