Enable Open Finance through Worldwide Standards


FDX / CDR Australia / Open Banking UK / Saudi Arabia / PSD2 / Open Finance Brasil

Open Banking API Security
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Open Banking Compliance for Financial Institutions 

Stay ahead of the schedules set by regulators. Cloudentity allows you to quickly achieve Open Banking consent and security compliance to enable the exchange of open finance data to your ecosystem and customers. FDX, CDR, Open Banking UK and many other regional standards are fully supported.

Open Banking for Financial Institutions
Open Banking Platforms and Data Access Platforms

Open Finance and Data Access Platforms

Focus on providing financial institutions with financial data APIs (FAPI) and delegate the handling of regional security profiles, user consent management, and authorization requirements to Cloudentity.

Financial Data Aggregators, Payment Platforms and other Financial Intermediaries

Connecting fintechs to financial institutions in order to exchange data requires sophisticated authorization and consent solutions. Cloudentity fulfills these requirements so that you can focus on data aggregation, reduce operational costs, shorten time to market, and expand your business.

Open Banking for Financial Data Aggregators
Open Banking for Fintechs


Cloudentity makes it simple and affordable to directly connect your service with multiple financial institutions (with or without the involvement of an aggregator) in full compliance with all local regulations and standards for open data exchange.