Partner Authorization (B2B and B2B2C)

Innovate and Extend Your Business to New Customers. Enable Seamless Access to Partners, Suppliers, Ecosystems and Online Communities.

Access and Data Control Challenges





The API economy enables business to monetize their data, drive collaboration, and create innovative new products and business models. But too often the cost to implement and complexity of how to control access across suppliers will slow down application initiatives.

Without the right foundation, organizations quickly discover architectural limitations that slow their innovation and saddle their teams with a mountain of technical debt and policy management complexity. But the job doesn’t stop there as companies must continuously protect and audit partner and customer access across these APIs for compliance and customer privacy.

Unified Partner Identity, Authorization and Users Consent Management

Whether you need to provide basic access without modifying your systems or carefully control and govern the data, we have you covered. Cloudentity extends identity-based authentication and access with fine-grained, contextual authorization, privacy consent, and transaction enforcement between parties, applications, services and down to the API object level.

Support a wide range of identity and entitlement sources

Simplified delegated administration of third-party organizations

Broad authentication support including passwordless and MFA Ease to manage customer privacy content across partners and suppliers

Granular authorization policy, enforcement and logging

Centralized service and microservice-native transaction level control

Scalability through multi-tenancy and multi-tenant application support

Use of identity standards such as SAML2, OAuth, OIDC, SPIFFE


Streamline and Manage Partner Access At Scale

Delegated administration allowing partners to manage their user’s and system’s access to corporate apps, APIs and services.

High-speed transaction control that negates OAuth token examination and re-tokenization latency.


Give Users Control

Leverage built-in workflows to allow users to specify what data can be shared with each partner.

Enable granular or “field level” user consent for each data element .


Automate Enforcement

Dynamic authorization to ensure what a machine or service can see and what it can share with other APIs.

Provide real-time access control to revoke or elevate permissions for each data exchange and transaction.

Satisfy broad compliance mandates with pre-defined and extensible policy packs.


Continuous Governance

Satisfy broad compliance mandates with pre-defined and extensible policy packs.

See where data was sourced and how that data attribute moved between internal and external systems with data lineage.

Automated visibility and reporting.