API Security, Privacy, and Governance: Shift Left Devops and Devsecops

APIs are the fabric of modern service delivery and compartmentalized app development, but the application logic and sensitive data that APIs expose has made them a high-value target of threat actors.

How will enterprises advance API-first programs in 2022? What are the challenges, considerations, initiatives and approaches organizations are taking to advance zero-trust controls for continuous authentication, authorization and privacy?

Join this moderated panel of experts and practitioners as they reveal key findings from the 2021 State of API Security, Privacy and Governance report, and share observations, best practices and key technologies to shift left DevOps and DevSecOps.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • API security, privacy and governance survey findings and key takeaways
  • What’s contributing to, and the impact of, API identity, access and data leakage risks
  • The paradigm shift to externalize controls: identity, authorization and privacy-as-code
  • Top API intelligence, policy development and compliance initiatives expressed by peers
  • Considerations for privacy consent, data lineage and transactional enforcement