ESG Validates Cloudentity's Authorization Platform

New use cases using APIs to deliver services and data—internally and externally—are driving API growth at an explosive rate. Increasing use of third-party APIs for application modernization escalates dependencies and risk, making API security a chief concern for engineering leaders.

Watch Jack Poller, Senior Analyst for Identity Management and Data Security at Enterprise Strategy Group, and Cloudentity's Brook Lovett,  to learn about a new approach to application modernization using intelligent authorization. Businesses can accelerate service delivery and secure the entire application eco-system by externalizing authorization, while ensuring privacy and consent.

In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • Build faster and centralize policy control – Authorization-as-a-Service offloads, simplifies, and centralizes authorization with policy-as-code for your applications
  • Drive a seamless customer experience – Intelligent authorization gives you fine-grain control, consent, and context-based decisions for adaptive access to APIs and data
  • Achieve Zero Trust API access control – Protect your data and authorize every API transaction between users, partners, services, and machines, preventing threats from lateral movement