ESG Technical Product Review Report

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ESG evaluated Cloudentity’s platform and conducted a technical review of the company’s dynamic Authorization service. The ESG lab analyst walks through how Cloudentity ensures organizations can: 

  • Achieve fine-grained access and authorization policies centrally and consistently, within and across cloud-native applications
  • Apply granular authorization policies at the workspace, IdP attribute, and end-user levels
  • Simplify and centralize application access when working with multiple IdPs
  • Establish an API security posture to prevent lateral movement of threats and data leakage

With the trend of open data driven by the business benefits of an open economy, the use APIs across B2B ecosystems are on a sharp trajectory. The use of third-party APIs, however, introduce dependencies, complexities, and risks. Read ESG’s detailed evaluation on how Cloudentity delivers an end-to-end Authorization service to significantly lower enterprise risk, reduce complexity, and increase developer agility.