Problems We Solve


The combined complexity of app modernization, API complexity, distributed services and sensitive data extend the attack surface and increase compliance exposures. Cloudentity keeps app access and data exchange securie by providing fine-grained authorization with dynamic enforcement across hybrid, multi-cloud and microservice environments.

Open Banking

Open data initiatives, such as Open Banking and Financial Data Exchange (FDX), Healthcare’s Blue Button and Customer 360, require enterprises to change the way they transact in the digital economy. Open data programs facilitate the exchange and aggregation of data from systems across your lines of business, supply chains and partners with the purpose providing this information to enhance application and service capabilities and customer experience.

We enable organizations to take advantage of open data initiatives and satisfy their security and consent governance requirements. Our authorization governance automation platform to easily manage and dynamically enforce API access and data exchange.

  • Streamline on-boarding apps and APIs into the identity ecosystem.
  • Integrate seamlessly with existing IdPs and API gateways.
  • Aggregate context data context across IdPs, apps and other data sources.
  • Leverage built-in Consent Governance Workflow for self-service user and customer privacy consent processes.
  • Satisfy business, industry and regulatory compliance leveraging built-in and extensible Policy Packs, as well as end-to-end data lineage.
  • Dynamically enforce all app and API access / data exchange at the transaction-level.
  • Expedite adhering to Open Banking, FDX, PSD2 and CDR specifications.


Fortify API Security

Protection Across the New Attack Surface

To mitigate mounting application, service and API attacks, including OWASP API vulnerabilities, and sensitive data leakage requires development organizations to gain continuous API security, access and data scope for ingress and egress traffic. Cloudentity complements WAF technologies by enabling organizations to see, control and monitor access and data exchange between APIs and services. With Cloudentity, development and DevSecOps personnel can partner to fortify the enterprise security posture, improve API hygiene, and reduce data breach and compliance risks.

  • Expedite on-boarding apps and APIs into the identity ecosystem.
  • Discover, classify and catalog API workloads/services across clouds and gateways.
  • Externalize and expedite granular authorization policy development with broad metadata.
  • Centrally manage application access and data exchange control including OAuth scopes.
  • Prevent North/South perimeter and East/West lateral security threats.
  • Integrate existing hybrid, multi-cloud, microservice (e.g., Kubernetes), IAM and security infrastructure.



TOP 10


“Most of the OWASP Top Ten API Security vulnerabilities are related to authentication, authorization and access control”