Control Access to your APIs

Externalizing APIs provide for new ways to create additional revenue streams and strong partner relations and integrations for software providers. Protect your APIs against reverse engineering attempts and misuse with Cloudentity.

Monitor Access to your APIs

Monitor connections, devices, and clients that are accessing your APIs using Cloudentity’s OAuth connection dashboard. Identify malicious actors or unknown users through a combination of ML-based insights and integrations with leading security software providers.

Securely Deploy New APIs with Centralized Policy Enforcement

Free up your developers by centralizing policy management with Cloudentity. With centralized management and control, you can ensure that all APIs across your ecosystem have the same policies regardless of API Gateway or environment.

Providing Identity and Authorization for your APIs

By integrating Cloudentity with your existing IdPs, you can ensure that your APIs and services all have been provisioned with the proper access controls and identity. Have several IdPs to choose from? Cloudentity’s Digital Identity Plane can standardize identity across your existing providers without the dreaded “rip and replace” of your existing tools.