People are increasingly requiring more control over their own information and demanding organizations provide more security and greater options for that user data. Cloudentity’s Consumer Identity Access Management (CIAM) includes a robust collection of tools to support this consumer demands.


Cloudentity provides a fully customizable UI and’s microservice architecture contains a robust collection of APIs to easily integrate management tools into the enterprise’s user experience. This allows individuals to interact with their identity with a user experience consistent with your organization, including self-service sign up, choice of IDP, manage levels and types of MFA and other details.



Verifying the individual accessing systems is who they say they are requires Multi-Factor Authentication tools; not only supports a range of MFA tools out of the box, but is tightly integrated with Cloudentity’s API security tools to allow for fine-grained MFA, triggering requests for additional information where needed at the time transactions are executed.

OWN IDP recognizes that modern enterprises may have more than one “source of truth” for user Identity. The platform allows a user to combine identities from multiple upstream providers, such as legacy IDPs or modern social logins, that provides a uniform

The platform also supports multiple organizations to allow separate management of users regardless of the original source of the Identity. This allows organizations to segment both administrative responsibility but also mitigate risk of overexposure.


Combining CIAM data with enforcement data allows for end-to-end transaction logging, providing a clearer view to help refine security before a breach occurs and provide more visibility and accuracy when evaluating a breach.


ENFORCEMENT supports industry standards such SAML, OAuth and OIDC and when coupled with Cloudentity’s API security platform, provides out-of-the box support for granular security policies that extend the available attributes beyond what may be available in a token or assertion. The platform also includes a customizable developer portal and APIs that provide self-service support for application credentials and access.