Dynamic Authorization

Context Changes Everything.


Cloudentity’s Dynamic Authorization model will amp up your cyber safeguards with the highest level of real-time access using our “who, what, where, when, why” contextual models. Authorize every interaction at hyper-scale giving customers a friction-free experience they will love.

The Platform

Authorization Governance, Automated 

Continuous, contextual authorization that centralizes authorization governance and enforces policy as close to the service as possible. Leverage NIST authorization and privacy standards with authorization-as-code and a drag-and-drop interface to seamlessly DevSecOps-ify distributed services.



Continuous Contextual Authorization

Why Cloudentity?


Reduced Time to Market

Automated Onboarding of Applications and Services into your Identity and Access Management ecosystem.

Hyper-Scale Authorization

Engineered from the ground up to provide performance at scale supporting low latency and high transaction workloads.

Infrastructure Agnostic

 Allows customers to seamlessly integrate API Governance into their existing hybrid, multicloud Identity and Access Management infrastructure.

Reduced Complexity
Deploy code without requiring any changes to the microservice itself.

Centralized Visibility

Manage, author, evaluate, distribute, and monitor all of your policies across custom, disparate systems from a single pane of glass.

Deployable Anywhere

 Using stateless microservices and APIs, we provide distributable identity microservices that work in concert with your apps, APIs, microservices and functions in our cloud or yours.


Cloudentity proudly contributes to open standards and open source projects through code and working groups. We provide a robust governance layer around these technologies unifying the approach and automating their integrations into any application platform.

Success Together

Hear what customers think

One of the most seamless, most incredibly smooth enhanced security enrollment experiences with multifactor authentication… I’ve ever seen. Absolutely AWESOME!”

Bryan Moore, SFG Principal Architect

“Unbelievably fast and highly scalable. Cloudentity was critical in helping us authorize customers on a massive scale.”

Zedecji Da Rocha, Chief Operations Officer

“Cloudentity provided the robust platform and security expertise, creating a major layer of security for our cloud IoT products.”

Don Vendetti, Chief Executive Officer

In the News 


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 Why I Chose Cloudentity. 

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About two years ago, I wrote a blog post detailing how the IAM world needed to change. For years practitioners had been screaming from the rooftops that we needed to find a way to manage how we dealt with identity management….