Modern Identity for the Cloud

Accomplish your digital transformation goals through API-enabled identity and authorization

No-Code Customer Journeys

Quickly update your customer journey, providing a continuous and contextual experience

Protect Against API Threats

Rapidly deploy APIs protected against OWASP API Top 10 threats

Safeguard Data Privacy

Store consent records in Privacy Ledger™ and enforce consent at every API transaction

Experience the Cloudentity Difference

We believe in empowering development teams to go fast while safeguarding sensitive user data while providing visiblity and protection at the API level. We do this through our no-code identity platform, comprised of microservices meant to deliver security, protect customer data privacy, and provide authentication to your APIs and microservices.

Deploy No-Code Customer Journeys for a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer experience is rapidly becoming a key differentiator for companies competing in the digital age. Ensuring a friction-less customer on-boarding experience requires modern identity and authorization practices including passwordless MFA, adaptive-registration and progressive consent of data collection practices.

Protect Against the Latest API Threats with Microperimeter-Based API Security

API abuses are predicted to be the most frequent attack vector resulting in data breaches within the next few years. Learn how a microperimeter-based API security model can keep you protected from the latest threats.

Visualize How Your Services are Collecting and Exposing PII

It's not just the regulatory fines to worry about. Brands take serious reputational harm after a data privacy breach. Trust is an integral part of the customer journey so knowing when, why, and what services are collecting customer data is an important part of GDPR, CCPA, and industry initiatives like OpenBanking.

Trusted by our clients and partners

"Cloudentity provided the robust platform and security expertise creating a major layer of security for our cloud IoT products."

Don Vendetti CEO

"One of the most seamless, most incredibly smooth enhanced security enrollment experiences with multifactor authentication... I’ve ever seen. Absolutely AWESOME!"

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Brian Moore SFG Principal Architect

"Unbelievably fast and highly scalable. Cloudentity was critical in helping us authenticate customers on a massive scale."

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Zedechi Da Rocha Chief Operations Officer
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