Dynamic Authorization: Context changes everything.

Cloudentity provides dynamic authorization governance that delivers identity policy automation for Zero-Trust between applications, users, developers and data – optimized for the hybrid-cloud.  

Make or Break Open Banking with Context based API Authorization

Our new whitepaper uncovers the biggest trust and security risks when it comes to Open Banking, and it shows how well built APIs will solve them.

Trusted by our Customers and Partners

“One of the most seamless, most incredibly smooth enhanced security enrollment experiences with multifactor authentication… I’ve ever seen. Absolutely AWESOME!”

Brian Moore, SFG Principal Architect

“Unbelievably fast and highly scalable. Cloudentity was critical in helping us authorize customers on a massive scale.”

Zedechi Da Rocha, Chief Operations Officer

“Cloudentity provided the robust platform and security expertise, creating a major layer of security for our cloud IoT products.”

Don Vendetti, CEO

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Hyper-Scale Made Easy.

Cloudentity’s platform was built from the ground-up to provide peak performance at scale. Modern applications require modern IAM practices that enable development to deliver innovation at speed without compromising application and data security. Cloudentity’s unique platform approaches modern IAM and API security through a collection of services bundled into lightweight application layers.

Quick. Fast. Drag and Drop
Authorization Control Plane

Continuous, contextual authorization, that externalizes and enhances identity and authorization on a massive scale. Leverage NIST authorization and privacy standards with Authorization-as-Code and a drag-and-drop interface to seamlessly DevSecOps-ify distributed services.

Cloudentity Authorization

Seamless Intergration with our
Digital Identity Plane

Unify Privacy and Consent, User Management, Delegated Administration and Security with existing IDPs. Create bespoke customer journeys with contextual authorization. Seamlessly add exponential improvements at scale, reducing latency, and leveraging BYOMFA and BYOIDP technologies to quickly merge old with new.

Cloudentity Identity Plane

Simplified Distributed Enforcement 

Secure distributed services and existing applications in one simple step onboarding them into an OAuth 2.0 and OIDC based identity and authorization infrastructure in one click, leveraging Cloudentity’s MicroPerimeter™.

Cloudentity Enforcement
User Settings

Accelerate Your Application Modernization Efforts with Contextual Authorization

Modern applications comprised of distributed services and containers require a modern authorization platform.

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Mitigate OWASP Top Ten API Threats

API Gateways fail to protect your applications from OWASP Top Ten API Threats.

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