Automating Authorization Management

Cloudentity makes modern application authorization management simple and scalable.

Application Authorization as a Service

App modernization, big data, and service integration are foundational for digital transformation, and almost all done over APIs – introducing massive scale, security and data privacy issues. While federated identity authentication mechanisms, such as MFA and SSO, facilitates protected session access, cloud-native API authorization and privacy management remains fragmented, inefficient and inadequate.

Developer Challenge
  • Authorization rules are typically hardcoded by engineers for each application – prone to human error, policy inconsistency and operational blind spots.
  • Contending with complex multi-cloud workloads and diverse API service connections, and a cumbersome array of identity, security, configuration and compliance requisites.
Security Challenge
  • Ensuring API First data governance and privacy compliance across apps, services and APIs with required OAuth scope, transactional control and audit-ability.
  • Disparate policy and data exchange controls with limited enforcement capabilities opens the business to cyberattack that exploit web, app and access exposures as evidenced in the OWASP API vulnerabilities.
Business Challenge
  • Delayed app delivery and service innovation due to more prolonged security verification efforts resulting from development and security authorization control proficiency gaps.
  • Inability to progress open data initiatives, such as Open Banking, Health Info Exhange and KYC, requiring broader consent management and privacy control capabilities.

We’ve decoupled authentication from authorization and moved user, machine and service access and data exchange authorization to the edge. Our solution orchestrates modern application authorization through an externally managed, declarative authorization platform that delivers fine-grained policy-as-code with dynamic, high-performance enforcement for every transaction. As a result, engineering and security teams have increased development velocity and service agility while mitigating privacy, API security and compliance risks. More so, organizations can accelerate digital transformation business opportunities with crucial service / data protection and privacy requisites.

Before Cloudentity

After Cloudentity

  • Delayed application delivery and service enhancement

  • Impacted Open Data initiatives

  • Authorization policy inconsistency and inadequacy

  • Development and DevSecOps complexity and inefficiency

  • Increased web, app and API attack surface

  • Privacy, audit and compliance exposures


Dynamic Authorization

Fine Grained. Extensive Context. Adaptive.

Cloudentity Dynamic Authorization delivers fine-grained authorization with extended context that complies with NIST authorization and privacy standards.


The approach provides comprehensive, adaptive access control with granular OAuth scope and data exchange protection mechanisms, as well as end-to-end data lineage for reporting, forensics and audit. Cloudentity Privacy Ledger™ provides a tamper-proof audit of the who, what, where, when and why consent was granted and to whom.

Our Solution

Cloud-native. Interoperable. Portable.

Seamlessly integrate modern application authorization into you existing identity and microservice infrastructure.

Bring Your Own Identity Provider

Authorization Control Plane 



Bring Your Own API Security Gateway

Bring Your Own Identity Provider (BYOIDP)

BYOIDP allows organizations to leverage their existing identity management investments. Seamlessly integrate dynamic authorization into existing identity and application ecosystem. By decoupling authentication sources from application authorization, IdPs can be readily switched and/or aggregated to enable service delivery and flexibility.

Bring Your Own API Gateway (BYOAG)

Consul, Istio and Kubernetes

Seamlessly integrate modern application authorization into you existing identity and microservice infrastructure.


Docker Deployment

Each Cloudentity solution is distributed as a lightweight Linux package, platform specific serverless component, or as a Docker container via container orchestration platforms.

This approach allows you to:

  • Setup automation and faster developer onboarding
  • Offer maximum portability
  • Enable continuous deployment
  • Scale up without significant changes to tooling or practices

Hyperscale Performance

To achieve real-world, high volume transaction enforcement – performance matters. Cloudentity’s microservice architecture offers access and data exchange control at hyperscale to optimize protection and user experience. Compared to other solutions in the market, Cloudentity delivers 60x the performance of OAuth token minting and evaluation at 90% lower latency.

Support the Latest Standards

Cloudentity supports the latest standards including OAuth 2.1, FAPI R/W, OIDC and SAML v2, delivered at lightning speeds. Prebuilt connections make integration into your existing IDP(s) a snap, allowing a simple means to unify user identity into a single source of truth.


Roles-based access control administration, with multi-tenant and delegated access capabilities, enables centralized management of users, policies, services, and APIs across multiple workspaces and environments.