Cloud-Scale Authorization for Modern Applications

Orchestrates modern application security by decoupling Authentication from Authorization. Delivers declarative Identity, Authorization and Consent for modern applications as code. Increases development velocity by up to 50% while mitigating privacy, API security and compliance risks


Zero Trust

push sensitive authorization
to the edge.



for all enterprise B2B2C,
SAAS and M2M



with transactional

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Decouple Authentication from Authorization: accelerate and future-proof your development efforts by breaking the dependency between applications and data sources

Identity Hub: Aggregate & Normalize Identity data from multiple sources

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Access Control

Future-proof, open-standard based application integration: OAuth2 or OIDC

RBAC/ABAC/PBAC: Perform Role, Attribute & Permission Based Access Control based on information from identity sources

Transactional MFA: Prompt users for step-up authentication for authorization to sensitive data or services

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Data Control

Smart Tokens: Data-level governance to control data distribution to applications

Consent Ledger: Fine-grained consent grants put users in control of their PII and how it is distributed

Partner Data Sharing: Enable data sharing with Partners

Delegated Administration: Multi-level policy management for admins, 3rd party developers and partners

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Adaptive Enforcement

Dynamic Authorization Policies: Perform risk-aware authorizations that consider transaction payloads and API invocation characteristics

Automated Workload Discovery & Orchestration to Achieve Zero-Trust: Broad support for API Gateways as well as deep integration and service identity for modern application backends running on K8s and service meshes

Policies as Code: Unified policy language authored visually or via JSON, OPA/Rego and JavaScript

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Cloudentity's rich framework of integration capabilities leverages open standards and partnerships with industry-leading API gateway and service mesh providers to quickly and easily extend and enhance your authorization and privacy posture without the need to replace your core infrastructural technologies.




Identity Providers
Identity Providers that support open standards are integrated using SAML or OIDC
Identity Providers that require custom integration are integrated using Cloudentity

Other sources of data (e.g. entitlements, fraud/risk or relationship mappings) are retrieved using JavaScript

Client Applications
Applications integrate using standard OAuth2 / OIDC authorization flows

API Layer Services
Cloudentity's distributed policy decision point can be integrated locally with API gateways or service mesh controllers Services that are not accessed via gateways or service mesh controllers can make direct calls to Cloudentity endpoints (either central or distributed) in order to externalize authorization decisions

Analytics & Threat Intelligence
Retrieve threat intelligence during policy evaluation or during the establishment of a user context

Provide Captured Analytics and Threat data to central SIEM systems

Cloudentity SOC Certified

Cloudentity is committed to keeping customer data safe. We've completed two globally recognized security certifications SOC (System and Organization Controls) 2 Type 2  and  ISO (International Organization of Standardization) 27001, demonstrating Cloudentity's stringent compliance standards across global markets and industries. Our valued customers can rest assured knowing that your data is safe with us.