Full-Spectrum Digital Identities

Dive deep into a unified world of Sign In, SSO, User Management, and Delegated Administration.

User Sign-In and SSO

Improve accessibility and security of your B2B platform with Cloudentity's User Sign-In solutions.

iconSeamless Authentication

Customize the authentication experience. Use passwordless with passkeys, magic links, verifcation codes and more.


iconSingle Sign-On

Empower your business users by adding Single Sign-On (SSO) options to your application.

With Cloudentity, seamlessly integrate with major enterprise identity providers or configure a custom SAML connection.

  • Microsoft
  • Google
  • Custom OIDC
  • SAML
  • and more...

iconMulti-Factor Authentication

Enhance security with additional authentication factors. Protect your application against data breaches.

Require MFA for applications and high-value transactions.


iconAuthentication Flows

Start with your email, and our system will guide you through authentication flow, streamlining your login experience.

Automatically suggest sign-in options based on business accounts.

Identity Management

Manage users centrally and at hyper-scale.

iconUser Management

Empower administrators to create, invite, or delete users, and manage their accounts by, for example, assigning roles and permissions.

Enable users to register themselves and manage their profiles.


iconCustom User Attributes & Flexible Schemas

Finely tune and structurize user data schemas.

User Entity Customization

Tailor user entities with operational and custom attributes to cater to the specific needs of different user populations.

Editable & Admin-Controlled Attributes

Allow users to edit certain attributes while reserving administrative control over others to achieve user autonomy alongside organizational control.

iconUser Populations

Group users logically for better management.

Manage consumers, employees, contractors, partners, and customers efficiently.


Delegated Administration

Offload management to your business accounts and partners

iconUser Administration

Allow administrators to manage user accounts, assign roles, or structure and define user data.

Efficiently organize and manage consumers, employees, contractors, partners, and customers.


iconBusiness Account Administration

Entrusts organization administrators with the management of organization account details.

Streamline organization creation and update process, ensuring that organizational details remain current and accurate.

iconUser Sign-In and SSO Administration

Delegate the oversight and control of the user sign-in process to organization administrators.

Enterprise IDP Integration

Delegated administrators can integrate authentication/identity providers.

Authentication Flows

Delegating control of the user sign-in flow, make user authentication an intuitive straight line experience.


iconApplication Administration

Organization administrators have the capability to register OAuth client applications and SAML Service Providers, facilitating user login, single sign-on, and access control.