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This portal gives you everything you'll need to use Cloudentity to automate policies, control access and secure data shared over your APIs. Explore our guides, how-tos, APIs, and more. The Cloudentity Platform is built by developers for developers.
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Passwordless Authentication Support


When authenticating with Cloudentity Identity Pools, you have the option to use a Passkey instead of relying on passwords. This way, there is no password so you can’t give it away to a phishing site. Additionally, your credentials are never stored on the server, in fact, they never leave the device used for authentication

Pagination In Identity Pools List APIs


Pagination has been introduced when calling the List Identity Pools API. Callers can filter by id or name of the Identity Pool, search before or after its id, sort by id or name, order ascending or descending, and limit the number of returned results.

Token Endpoint Authentication Signing Algorithms Are Now Configurable On The Server Level


Token endpoint authentication signing algorithms are now configurable on the server level via the token_endpoint_auth_signing_alg_values parameters. Depending on the server security profile, only specific algorithms are allowed, for instance, for FAPI-based profiles the only supported algorithms are ES256 and PS256.

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