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This portal gives you everything you'll need to use Cloudentity to automate policies, control access and secure data shared over your APIs. Explore our guides, how-tos, APIs, and more. The Cloudentity Platform is built by developers for developers.
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One Token To Rule Them All (DCR-Registered Client Apps)


New dcr_manage scope allows clients to manage all dynamically registered clients with a single access token, streamlining and simplifying the management process. The dcr_manage scope supersedes previous settings and eliminates the need for multiple access tokens.

Mutliple Tenants Per Email Account and Login Improvements


Register multiple tenants under one email account! To cater to this multitenancy improvement, we adjusted the way you log into Cloudentity platform and, additionally, provided you with a possibility to log in using your phone number or username.

Configurable Registration Access Token TTL


Previously, DCR registration token was always valid for 30 days. Now, the TTL is configurable and can be extended. Optionally, the token expiry can be disabled.

Extend User Authentication Process with Custom Applications


In addition to post authentication scripts, you can now extend user authentication process with Post Authentication Custom Applications! It allows you to connect a third-party app to Cloudentity. This application can interrupt the authorization flow after the user logs in using an IDP, redirecting the user to a custom, business-specific application hosted by the customer.

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