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This portal gives you everything you'll need to use Cloudentity to automate policies, control access and secure data shared over your APIs. Explore our guides, how-tos, APIs, and more. The Cloudentity Platform is built by developers for developers.
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Password Policies for Identity Pool Users


Times when qwerty1234 was thought to be a safe password are long gone! Make sure that your users fulfill all of the requirements for safe passwords with Cloudentity password policies. Such policies enable the Identity Pool administrators to specify, for example, the minimal length of a password, number of special characters, and many more.

Integration with Kusk API Gateway


Kusk API Gateway enables developers to build, validate, deploy, and monitor REST APIs based on Envoy Proxy running on your Kubernetes cluster. Do you know what else can be run in a K8s cluster? That's right! Cloudentity authorizers! It is now possible to integrate the Kusk Gateway with Cloudentity and protect the APIs deployed behind your gateway with advanced access control measures.



With Cloudentity Extensions, you can set up event-based notifications in order to subscribe third-party applications to important events captured by our platform. You can, for example, notify an external CRM system that a user granted their consent for an application registered within your Open Banking workspace, and more.

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