Don't Trust Anything

Zero Trust for APIs and Distributed Services.
Authenticate, Authorize and Audit All Modern Applications

How Cloudentity Simplifies Everything.

Automatically Discover
New APIs, Microservices, functions and Kubernetes

Detect and Align
Trusted service instances into the machine identity ecosystem.

Seamless Integration
Cloud-native API's, Microservices, Kubernetes, Service Mesh, API Gateways


Requestor (User or Machine)

Authenticate the User (MFA, FIDO, uid/pwd)

ID proof the user e-KYC

Cloudentity allows the rapid integration of any API based eKYC or user authentication product that is API driven


Service and Workload

Authenticate the workload SPIFFE

Authenticate the workload x.509 certificate based authentication.

Link SPIFFE, Oauth and x509 to automate identity assignment to services

Decouples machine identity away from the IdP and proprietary libraries

Extends the usability of identity data to apps.


Transactional Data

Principle of least privilege

Fine-Grained Authorization ensures that only the data required for the transaction is allowed to be passed between the client & servicer

Cloudentity policies cover authorization from connection grade to coarse grained to data element level granularity in one policy engine