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Unlimited Active Users
AuthN & AuthZ5,000 /monthScale as you grow
, SSO, User Management
Easy Branding
Partner and Business Accounts
Authorization Policies
Custom Domain
Script & Extension executionsScale as you grow
API Authorization
Open Banking Enablement
Fine Grained Permissions
Audit Trail & Reporting3 days90 days +
Deployment modeSaaSSaaS or customer deployed
Start for freeStart for free

Pricing FAQs

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How does the AuthN & AuthZ pricing work?

Authorization tokens, rather than active users, serve as the genuine indicators of product usage. These tokens are generated each time a user signs in and are subsequently essential for making API requests.

Cloudentity platform pricing kicks in only when a token is generated. Authorization tokens can also be created when exchanging them for existing sign-in tokens or for service authorization.

Do you offer any additional discounts for startups?

We are here to help you grow. Contact us and tell us your story.

Is the service billed annually or monthly?

The service is priced monthly and billed annually.

Where do I find subscription agreement?

The subscription agreement can be accessed here.

Full Plan Comparison

Passwordless Authentication
Simplify and enhance user experience and security with passwordless options such as OTPs, magic links, passkeys, and WebAuthn.
Strong Passwords
Uphold traditional password-based authentication with high-strength password policies to guard user data and application access.
Social Login
Allow users to leverage their existing social identities for seamless registration and login, enhancing convenience and increasing registrations.
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Enable users to authenticate once and access multiple applications, enhancing user experience and security through a single sign-on experience.
Session Management
Configure session timeouts and other parameters to ensure secure and efficient user sessions.
Single Logout
Enhance security with a single logout feature that terminates sessions across all logged-in instances.
Adaptive MFA
Enhance security with context-aware multi-factor authentication, triggered based on specific scenarios like unfamiliar devices or locations.
Enterprise IDP Support
Integrate effortlessly with external identity providers using protocols like SAML, OpenID Connect, and custom frameworks.
Authentication Flows
Customize authentication flows to align with specific business processes and user experiences.
Fully Brandable Login Pages
Customize login pages to reflect your brand and enhance user engagement and familiarity.
Custom Authentication Policies
Define custom authentication policies to align with business-specific requirements and security standards.
Risk Engine Integration
Integrate with risk engines to enable data-driven and informed authentication decisions.
Risk & Context-Based Rules
Leverage adaptive authentication rules guided by real-time risk assessments and contextual factors.
Self-hosted Login Pages
Host login pages on your own servers for enhanced control and security.
Extensive Authentication APIs
Provide extensive APIs for developing and managing authentication services to suit diverse requirements.
CIBA-based Authentication Service Support
Support Client Initiated Backchannel Authentication (CIBA) for flexible, secure authentication flows.