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Delegated Administration - Offload Management to Business Accounts and Partners

Learn how Cloudentity enables organizations to offload management of business accounts and partners. Administrators in each organization can manage users, organization details, control user sign-in, and more.

Delegate User Management

Decentralize user management tasks delegating them to organization administrators. Empower administrators to create or invite new users and manage existing users efficiently.

Establish user populations to introduce logical separation within an organization. This separation can be based on different organizational departments such as Human Resources, IT Support, or even external partners, aiding in organized user management.

User populations are structured to mirror either hierarchical or functional distinctions within the organization, ensuring a clear, compartmentalized approach to user management. This logical separation enhances security measures by ensuring that access and administrative privileges are granted and managed appropriately.

By redistributing user management tasks to departmental administrators, organizations can adopt a more localized management approach. This setup allows for quicker response times, tailored problem-solving, and a better understanding of department-specific requirements and challenges.

This feature also enables a smoother onboarding process for new users and ensures that existing users have their access rights and profiles managed accurately and efficiently.

Define Organization Details

Entrusts organization administrators with the management of organization account details. Administrators can easily modify details as defined by the organization’s schema, such as the organization description, work emails, or domains. They can define a schema that is to be followed when registering a new organization, for example, company address, phone number, and more depending on the needs.

This delegation streamlines the creating and updating process, ensuring that organizational details remain current and accurate. By distributing this responsibility, the process becomes more efficient, allowing for timely adjustments to the organization’s digital identity as necessary. Through a straightforward management interface, administrators can maintain a structured and systematic workflow, ensuring a smooth operation of organizational data management tasks.

Delegate User Sign-In Control

Organizations have the option to delegate the oversight and control of the user sign-in process to organization administrators. These admins are empowered to:

This delegation facilitates a more tailored and efficient sign-in process, aligning with the specific needs and security protocols of the organization.

Delegate Application Registration

Organization administrators have the capability to register OAuth client applications and SAML Service Providers, facilitating user login, single sign-on, and access control.

They can add a variety of applications including regular web page applications, single page applications (SPAs), machine-to-machine clients, mobile/native apps, and SAML service providers. Additionally, administrators can configure the settings of the connected applications to ensure seamless operation and integration.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023