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Cloudentity Application Topology View

Cloudentity Topology View enables developers to add identity, authentication, and authorization layers to applications easier than ever before and get much better transparency when securing applications.

Application Topology View

Application Topology View

Within one view:

  • Define identity sources you wish the user to use when accessing an application.

  • Create services, import APIs, and define scopes to protect access to services.

  • Define client applications that consume the services you created.

  • Subscribe applications to service scopes.

    Before After
    Subscibe to scopes Subscribe to scopes after

Once you have the application topology set up, you can control access - and, of course, you can do it within the Topology View. Visualize connections between different components of your perimeter. You can enable token exchange to exchange third party tokens to security tokens issued by the Cloudentity platform. See OAuth and profile scopes configured for your workspace, and more.

Updated: Jun 20, 2023