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OAuth Authorization Servers

Utilize OAuth authorization servers to authenticate resource owners and issue access tokens to authorized applications.

Cloudentity comes with an OAuth authorization server built-in to every workspace. This means that you can easily set up a secure, scalable authorization server with just a few clicks.

You can spin up as many workspaces as you wish and each of them will have its own authorization server instance. Depending on the workspace profile you choose, the authorization server can comply, for example, with a specific Open Banking specification out-of-the-box. This provides greater flexibility and allows you to easily manage access to your resources across multiple services and applications. Additionally, Cloudentity supports many OAuth and OIDC Open Standards and is certified in different conformance profiles so you can easily adjust the authorization server’s configuration to match your business requirements.

sequenceDiagram autoNumber participant User participant Client application participant Authorization server participant Resource server (API) activate User User->>Client application: Access activate Client application activate Authorization server Client application->>Authorization server: Request authorization deactivate Client application Authorization server->>User: Display consent User->>Authorization server: Give consent deactivate User Authorization server->>Client application: Issue authorization code activate Client application Client application->>Authorization server: Request token Authorization server->>Authorization server: Validate the request Authorization server->>Client application: Return token deactivate Authorization server Client application->>Resource server (API): Call API with token activate Resource server (API) Resource server (API)->>Client application: Return data deactivate Resource server (API) deactivate Client application

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Updated: Aug 10, 2023