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Financial Grade API (FAPI) Authorization Server

Cloudentity offers an authorization server that meets Financial Grade API (FAPI) requirements.

Fintech and mission-critical application workspaces can be tailored to comply with your preferred FAPI specification - FAPI 1.0, FAPI Advanced, or FAPI 2.0. You have the option to modify your existing workspace settings to adhere to FAPI requirements or create a new Fintech and mission-critical applications workspace. When creating a new workspace, simply select the desired FAPI profile to ensure compliance.

FAPI-grade authz server

Please note that FAPI 2.0 is still in the draft phase, but certification is possible with the Implementers Draft FAPI 2.0 specification. Be aware that until FAPI 2.0 becomes final, we do not assume responsibility for FAPI 2.0 workspace settings, and we may introduce breaking changes as the FAPI 2.0 specification is refined.

Next Steps

Create a workspace of Fintech and mission-critical application profile.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023