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Cloudentity Overview

Get familiar with Cloudentity! Discover what it is, what makes it special, and learn about its areas of use.

What Cloudentity Is

Cloudentity is a cutting edge access management platform built to address contemporary authorization and access control challenges that companies face. It is built, primarily, for Open Banking and B2B/partner use cases. Additionally, the Cloudentity platform delivers authorization for distributed applications, user consent, data sharing over APIs, and more.

Cloudentity Access Management Platform

What Makes Cloudentity Special

To address above challenges Cloudentity employs open standards and encloses authorization servers, policy engine and API gateway authorizers. It supplements applications with authorization leveraging current authentication providers, API gateways, and service meshes.

Cloudentity Access Management Platform

All of Cloudentity platform capabilities are encapsulated inside a unit called workspace. It is a part of every Cloudentity tenant. You may create as many workspaces as you wish to support all the initiatives, teams, and environments you have. It supports scaling your business around the globe.

Cloudentity Access Management Platform

What Cloudentity Does

Cloudentity enables companies to securely share data with partners and customers, authorize transactions, control API access, externalize authorization, and evolve their system architecture.

It keeps your users and data secure. It gives you control and lets you delegate part of control to customers and their users. It lets you automate and scale in terms of customers, applications, developers and initiatives handled in parallel.

Available Models

Cloudentity offers its services in four different deployment models. If you do not know which one to choose, contact Cloudentity Sales team for the best offer that suits your needs!

  • Public SaaS - Software-as-a-Service with Multi-Tenancy

    Cloudentity, as a service provider, deploys, hosts, operates, patches, enhances, secures, and scales our Software, which is consumed by the customers over the web.

  • Private SaaS - Software-as-a-Service for a single customer

    Cloudentity, as a service provider, deploys, hosts, operates, patches, enhances, secures, and scales our Software, which is consumed by a single customer over the web.

  • Customer Deployed - Cloudentity as a software vendor

    Cloudentity software is deployed, hosted, maintained, operated, and scaled by the customer in their own data center/cloud infrastructure. Cloudentity provides software patches and version updates that need to be applied by the customer on their infrastructure.

  • Hybrid SaaS - Any combination of Public SaaS or Private SaaS AND Customer Deployed models.

Updated: May 15, 2023