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Access Management with User Roles and Permissions

Assign roles and permissions to users in order to control access to resources.

User Permissions

Cloudentity incorporates a Zanzibar-based permission model to administer fine-grained access control over resources. Zanzibar, an open-source Google project, is a well-architected authorization system that allows defining specific access control lists (ACLs) for users. Cloudentity leverages this model to assign precise permissions to users based on various attributes and conditions. The implementation of Zanzibar-based permissions facilitates systematic and organized control over who accesses what resources, ensuring a high level of security and adherence to compliance standards. Through this integration, Cloudentity provides a scalable and reliable solution for managing complex authorization landscapes, simplifying the process of controlling access to resources across various organizational environments.


Admin users possess the ability to shape user attributes and identity schemas in a manner that distinctly defines user roles within the organization, laying a solid foundation for implementing a robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) system.

In RBAC, access permissions to various organizational resources are ascertained based on the predefined roles associated with each user, streamlining the administration of permissions and bolstering the security infrastructure by ensuring users have the appropriate level of access necessary for their tasks.

Need to add Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to Application?

Cloudentity facilitates effortless definition of roles within Identity Pools, utilizing the user’s assigned role as a framework for granting or denying access to resources

This approach enhances security, simplifies access control management, and adapts to organizational changes. It enables easy role definition and modification, promoting consistent access policies across the organization. By establishing RBAC, admin users empower the organization to manage resource access securely and efficiently, nurturing accountability and operational excellence.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023