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User Store - Identity Pools

Identity Pool provides a persistent, hyper-scale storage solution for user data within Cloudentity's infrastructure.

Identity Pools

Cloudentity’s Identity Pools provide a straightforward solution for organizations to manage user identities. Identity Pools are built to support cloud-scale transactional needs including user registration, consent management, delegated administration, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and more.

One notable feature is the customizable schemas, which allow organizations to adjust each pool to have a unique schema or share schemas across multiple pools based on their requirements. This customization is crucial for meeting varied organizational needs.

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The platform is designed to handle sudden increases in user registrations and logins, ensuring reliability during high-demand periods. Additionally, Identity Pools provide no-code user journeys for common tasks like registration, password reset, and strong authentication, reducing the need for extensive coding or development.

Moreover, the API-first design, based on a REST API layer, grants developers the flexibility to create various user journey workflows, providing adaptability to meet an organization’s specific needs. This design facilitates easier management and customization of user data handling processes within Cloudentity’s Identity Pools.

Cloudentity Identity Pools enable organizations with:

Hyper-Scale Datastore

Identity Pools provided by Cloudentity serve as a highly efficient and scalable user store, designed to handle information storage at a hyper-scale. The robustness of this platform not only caters to storing user data but extends to housing other types of information, thanks to its adaptable schemas. For instance, consent-related information can be systematically stored and managed within Identity Pools. This feature exhibits the flexibility and versatility of Identity Pools, making it a valuable asset for organizations in managing not just user identities but also other crucial data elements, effectively catering to a wide range of data storage requirements.

Updated: Sep 28, 2023