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Store Users and User Populations in Identity Pools

Store customers, merchants, support agents, and other user populations in identity pools.

Create Identity Pool to Store User Population

  1. Login to your tenant and select Identity Pools in the left navigation tree.

  2. Select + CREATE POOL.

  3. Provide the details for your user pool.

    In the Sign In / Sign Up settings, you may configure preffered authentication methods, such as using a password or a verfication code.

    User Registration

    If you wish to enable users to register themselves within your Identity Pool, make sure to Enable User Self-Registration. You may also configure it later.

    If you defined any custom Identity Schemas for user metadata and payload, you may assign them to your pool to have the user entity defined as required.

  4. Select Create.

Add Users

  1. Select your Identity Pool.

  2. In the Users tab for the Identity Pool, select + ADD USER.

  3. Provide the basic user data.

    The user attributes can be changed depending on the Identity Schema assigned to your Identity Pool.

  4. Choose between sending an invitation or setting credentials for the user.

    • Send Invitation - the user gets an invitation message via email or phone. They set the password themselves.

    • Set Credentials - useful for creating users with temporary passwords. You can enable the Password must be changed upon first login option to force the user to change their temporary password.


    Remember to configure password-related settings for enhanced security.

  5. Select Create.

Allow Users to Sign In

Adding a user to an Identity Pool does not mean they are able to authenticate to any of your apps right away.

Learn how to add sign in to your application amd connect the Cloudentity Identity Pool to the workspace where you have the client application added.

Allow Users to Self-Register

  1. Navigate to the Settings tab in the identity pool of your choice.

  2. Expand the Sign In / Sign Up dropdown.

  3. Tick the checkbox next to the Self Registration option and save your changes.

Updated: Oct 6, 2023