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Manage User Session

Cloudentity streamlines user data from various identity sources into a unified authentication context schema which is ephemeral or persistent user session. Manage session attributes and map user attributes.

Manage User Session/Authentication Context Schema

  1. Navigate to Authentication » Settings » Attributes in a workspace of your choice.


  3. In the Add attribute dialog box, fill in the Name, Data type, and Description fields.

  4. Select Create to save your new attribute.


You can now proceed to mapping IDP-specific attributes to user session attributes to it.

Map Incoming User Attributes to User Session Attributes

  1. Select Authentication » Providers in the workspace of your choice.

  2. Select an available IDP.

  3. Select Mappings from the top menu.

  4. Configure each source-target attributes pair so that a source attribute matches a target one.

    1. Select a source IDP attribute name from the drop-down list.


      • If the source attribute is not defined out of the box (for example when the IDP provides a custom attribute, such as crm_id), you need to add this attribute to the IDP before you can map it.
      • To add an attribute for your identity, go to Identity Data > Identities (left sidebar) > Identity (from the IDP list) > Attributes tab > Add attribute.
    2. Select a target authentication context attribute from the drop-down list.

    3. Select Save mappings. Your mappings are added to the list.

Persistent User Session

For persistent user sessions, enable the SSO capabilities.

Updated: Nov 2, 2023