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Leverage Risk Analytics Data Using Policies and Signal Sciences

Instructions on how to configure policies to protect your API and applications using Signal Sciences controls


Protect your APIs and applications with policies that verify Signal Sciences signals.

Create Policy

  1. Create a policy as explained in Creating a policy in the Cloudentity policy editor.


The Cloudentity policy builder opens.

Add Signal Sciences

  1. In the policy builder, select the + sign to add a validator.

  2. In the Add new validator fly-out view, enter Signal Sciences into the search field or select the Signal Sciences validator from the predefined list of the available validators.

  3. In the Signal Sciences validator view, select ADD SIGNAL.

  4. In the Signal Sciences validator editor

    1. Choose if the validator includes or excludes the selected signals.

    2. Select the operator (AND or OR) to define the relationship between the selected signals.

    3. Select signals for the validator from the dropdown list.


      You can add multiple signals, each of which you select from the list of predefined signals.

    4. If you’ve done adding your signals, select SAVE.

  5. In the Signal Sciences validator view, select the OK icon if your validator is ready.

  6. If you’re done adding validators in the policy editor, select SAVE to finalize your new policy.


Your new Signal Sciences policy is available in the Policies view.

Next Steps

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Updated: Jul 11, 2022