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FDX Workspace

Learn how a FDX compliant workspace can be setup within Cloudentity and how it satisfies the FDX API security profile requirements.

FDX Workspace

Cloudentity enables a simple way to configure a FDX compliant FAPI certified OAuth authorization server with a couple of clicks. Adopting Cloudentity accelerates the entire effort to achieve FDX compliance drastically and allows faster time to market. Cloudentity solution offers a highly performant, multi-tenant advanced FAPI-compliant and certified authorization server built on open standards and compatible with advanced OAuth 2.0 & OIDC specifications. Cloudentity also provides a rich set of APIs that facilitates consent collection & management for Data providers to implement the FDX recommended safe and secure customer journey experiences using various digital channels.

FDX Security Profile

FDX security profile conformance and Financial Grade API (FAPI) compliance can be enabled in the Cloudentity platform with a single click security profile for meeting the FDX specifications. You get a FAPI-grade authorization server configured to meet all FDX requirements for the recommended FAPI 1.0 advanced level compliance.

Financial data exchange workspace

You can finish the configuration at a high level by connecting the integrating systems:

FDX Workspace Settings

In this section, you can learn about the advanced OAuth requirements that are configured for the FDX-compliant workspace to meet the FDX security profile requirements. Most of these configurations can be found under Auth Settings for the workspace. FDX recommends the FAPI 1.0 Advanced profile as the base profile.

Cloudentity FDX-compliant workspaces:

In addition to these settings, Cloudentity automatically enforces other restrictions & validation in the FDX Security Profile as specified by the FDX security profile requirements.

FDX Data Cluster Permissions/Scopes

By enabling an FDX workspace, you will also get a preconfigured set of data cluster permission scopes as defined by the FDX specification.

Financial data cluster permission scopes

By enabling an FDX workspace, you will unlock all the consent APIs applicable for FDX workspace.

Explore FDX Consent APIs provided by Cloudentity

By enabling an FDX workspace, you will unlock the capability to integrate with a custom consent application that provides the UX as per FDX guidelines using above FDX consent APIs and some internal APIs to interact with Cloudentity.

Explore FDX Consent application integration

FDX Compliant Dynamic Client Registration

The FDX workspace exposes a set of Dynamic Client Registration APIs compliant with the FDX specification, saving you precious time required if you were to implement it yourself.

Updated: Apr 14, 2023