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Admin Portal Facelift Early Access

Enable the Admin Portal facelift early access feature to improve administrator user experience.

The Admin Portal facelift modernizes the basic components of the Cloudentity Admin Portal. We have redesigned the navigation to be simpler and more intuitive to create a user-friendly experience that enhances your interaction with the Cloudentity Administration Portal

Here are the key changes:

  • Renamed the dashboard to Overview and reorganized Analytics as its own navigation item.

    Before After
    dashboard_before.png dashboard_after.png
  • Created a new Settings section specifically for workspace management.

    • Restructured the former Settings section into OAuth.
      Before After
      settings_before.png settings_after.png
  • Renamed OAuth subsection to Authorization Server and reorganized with the following tabs:

    • Advanced (previously Settings > Advanced)

    • Consent (previously Settings > Consent)

    Before After
    authorization_server_before.png authorization_server_after.png
  • Created a new Authentication section with the following subsections:

    • Providers (previously its own section, Identity Providers)

    • Settings (previously Identity Providers > Single Sign-On > Settings.

    Before After
    identity_providers_before.png identity_providers_after.png
  • Renamed AuthN Context to Attributes and reorganized as a tab under Authentication > Settings.

    Before After
    authn_context_before.png authorization_item_after.png
  • Created a new Authorization section with the following subsections:

    • API Authorization (previously Enforcement > APIs))

    • OAuth Server Authorization (previously Settings > Authorization)

    • Policies (previously Governance > Policies)

    • Gateways (previously Enforcement > Authorizers))

    • Data Governance (previously Governance > Data Lineage)

      Before After
      authorization_before.png authorization_after.png
  • Renamed Manage Access to Administrators and reorganized as a tab under Settings.

    Before After
    manage_access_before.png manage_access_after.png
  • Renamed Logs to Audit Logs.

  • Removed Developer Portals section from the workspace selector. Users can still access them by going to Workspace Management > Developer portals.

    Before After
    workspace_selector_developer_portal_before.png workspace_selector_developer_portal_after.pngopen_developer_portal_after.png

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Updated: Jul 2, 2024